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AFTCA Standards to Field Trial Procedure, Judicial Practice, Handler and Bird Dog Performance

After too many years of being out-of-print, this first digital, updated edition is finally available. The 1988 edition was carefully compiled by some of the stalwarts of our sport including but not limited to these familiar names:

Harry Townshend
Ted Baker
Parke Brinkley
Dale Bush
D. Hoyle Eaton
Freddie Epp
Dr. Thomas M. Flanagan
Pete Frierson
David Grubb
Gordon Hazlewood
Ferrel Miller
Ernest J. Newman
Dr. Alvin Nitchman
John O’Neall, Jr.
Clyde Queen
Collier F. Smith
George Tracy
Gerald Tracy
Robert G. Wehle
Judge Lee R. West

The Preface to this edition reads:

It has been just over three decades since the previous edition of this publication was last edited in any fashion. At its core, this handbook contains ageless advice that is every bit as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.

Obviously, adjustments have occurred in the sport during the past 30 years. Some have been intentional, others consequential and still others unavoidable. Because recovery devices are allowed in competition and communication devices in general have become so sophisticated, they pose a challenge to one of the most important elements of exceptional bird dog performance…the ability of the handler and dog to communicate in a natural and highly developed way without any artificial aid. Situations have been added to this book to address the most commonly asked questions in managing recovery and communication devices during a competition.

This handbook provides a foundation, an exceptional resource, and a standard for performance by the handler and dog, and sound direction for judges and member clubs. There is no sport in which the athletes are not driven to reach a standard of excellence. Attaining excellence is a worthy goal for all involved in a challenging sport that requires an unparalleled relationship with the handler’s teammate, a dog.

Take the time to read this resource and refer to it often. Bring it with you to competitions, club events, meetings and anything bird dog. It reminds us all of what this sport expects of us and how to define the “Standards of Field Trial Procedure, Judicial Practice, Handler and Bird Dog Performance.”

This Handbook is a valuable reference to all involved in our sport: Amateurs and Professionals — trainers, handlers, judges, scouts, owners, reporters, marshals, those riding in the gallery and just plain field trial enthusiasts. It is not intended only for the so called “newbie”.

This 58 page book with laminated cover is available in our Strideaway Store for $12 (includes shipping). Don’t go to a field trial without it!



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