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Art Galleries

These Galleries represent some of America’s as well as England’s most accomplished bird dog, field trial bird dog and game bird artists from the past to the present.

Arthur Burdett Frost (American, 1851-1928)


Aiden Lassell Ripley (American, 1896-1969)


Arthur Wardle (British, 1860 – 1949)


Bert Cobb (American, 20th century)


Bob Bertram (American, contemporary) Article


Cole Johnson (American, contemporary)


Edmund Henry Osthaus (American, 1858 – 1928) Article


Edwin S. Megargee (American, 1883 – 1958)


Eldridge Hardie (American, 1941 – 2021) Article


Frederick Farrar McCaleb (American, 1893 – 1959) Article


George Earl (British, 1828 – 1908)


Gustav Muss-Arnold (German-born, American, 1858 – 1927)


Herb Booth (American, 1942 – 2014)


John Henry Hintermeister (Swiss-born, American, 1869 – 1945)


Iwan Lotton (American, 1913 – 1973) Article


John Donaldson (American, 1918 – 2005) Article


John Martin Tracy (American, 1843 – 1893) Article


Julie Jeppson (American, contemporary)


Lou Pasqua (American, contemporary)


Luis Henderson (American, 20th century)


Lynn Bogue Hunt (American, 1878 – 1960)


Marguerite Kirmse (British-born, American, 1885 – 1954) Article


Maud Alice Earl (British-born, American, 1864 – 1943)


Robert Kennedy Abbett (American, 1926 – 2015)


Robert Elmer Lougheed (American, 1910 – 1982)


Ross Young (American, contemporary) Article


Stanford Fenelle (American, 1909 – 1995)


Steve Tait (American, contemporary) Article


Thomas A. Binks (British, 1799 – 1852)


Wesley Dennis (American, 1903 – 1966)


William Harnden Foster (American, 1886 – 1941) Article


William Joseph Schaldach (American, 1896 – 1982) Article


Percival Leonard Rosseau (American, 1859 – 1937)


Other Artists



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