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Developing Field Trial Bird Dogs – Podcast Interview with Jamie Daniels

Last summer I sat down with my friend professional “trainer”/handler Jamie Daniels to ask him about how developing bird dogs differs from commonly held ideas about training them. You’ll most often hear about developing dogs from competitors who are also successful breeders or those who select from proven breeding programs. When understood, taking full advantage of a well-bred field trial bird dog’s genetics can lead to a winning career at the highest level of competition where that illusive quality of “Class” is still recognized and sought for by knowledgable judges. “Class” is genetic and its expression can only be developed, it cannot be forced upon the dog through training. What is “Class”?

Jamie Daniels on Developing Field Trial Bird Dogs: 


Jamie Daniels with two of his Rebel-bred derbies, 2021

Jamie working a young dog on his South Dakota summer training grounds.

The vast area of wild bird grounds of the prairies teaches a dog to hunt at
same time as learning to go with the handler and run to the front.

Three all-age champions: Ch. Dominators Rebel Heir, Ch. Funseekin Hit Man and
HOF Ch. Just Irresistible, SD, 2017.

Ch. Dominators Rebel Heir shows off his signature posture on game. Reb
was not
“trained” to hold his head high, it’s his natural stance. 

Ch. Dominators Rebel Heir at the breakaway of the 2016 Continental Championship
callback which he went on to win.

Jamie going in to flush on his home grounds in Dawson, GA. The dogs are 
Dominators Rogue Rebel and Dominators Bull Market.

Jamie and Ch. Miller’s Blindsider at the breakaway of the 2020 Masters Open Quail Championship
with Judd Carlton scouting. Sam would go on to win the Masters again in 2022 and in 2023 —
having won the National Field Trial Championship just one month before.

2023 National Field Trial CH. Miller’s Blindsider

Early mornings on the prairie are spent roading dogs to keep them in optimum
physical condition.

Developing puppies at Daniels Kennels leads to their success as bird dogs —
whether field trial or personal/plantation hunting dogs.

Kids and puppies…no better combination for teaching puppies to bond to humans.



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