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William F. Brown

Excerpt from Field Trials: History, Management and Judging Standards


Where birds are not plentiful, the element of luck enters largely into the question of the dog’s bird-finding ability, more so than it does on a course where birds are abundant. It is not wise, therefore, to rate dogs under this head by the number of birds found and pointed. The character and excellence of the finds and the points made should be considered, the dog being preferred that goes boldly to point on the body scent, over one that dwells on foot scent. A difficult find that results from intelligent searching is to be valued more highly than one that did not require such wisdom, bird sense, or industry.

Locating Birds
Dogs that refuse to maintain a staunch point on foot scent, but move on so that they will always have the body scent in their nose, are to be rewarded for locating their birds accurately. They are preferred to a dog that holds fast to his original point on foot scent, even if the birds move beyond the reach of his nose. Here, particularly, does a dog demonstrate his ability to match wits with the bird. Accurate location of game is highly desirable. Quickness is a plus. The astute handler permits his dog to certify exact location without undue coaching.

First published in 1934, William Brown’s Field Trials: History, Management and Judging Standards has been revised over the years but is still in print and available from The American Field. Highly recommended, it belongs in the library of every field trial participant — competitor and judge alike.



Running Dog


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