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American Field Reports, Continental Championship, D. Hoyle Eaton

Red Water Rex ~ 1964 Continental Championship

Continental Open Championship 1964
Red Water Rex Is Winner of the Title
By Hal Davis

Red Water Rex by Iwan Lotton

Red Water Rex catapulted himself into the national spotlight with a spectacular triumph over a record field of eighty starters to take the coveted Continental Open Championship in the 70th brilliant renewal of this glamour stake, often called the supreme test of bird dogs. Rex, a white and liver pointer dog, is owned by E. B. Alexander and W. T. Pruitt of Jackson, Miss, and was handled by Hoyle Eaton.

In the first series, Rex perambulated purposefully in one of the better and wider races of the stake. He hung out on the end of Eaton’s whistle blasts and majored in zeal throughout. He accosted but one bevy of quail in this hurried quest but he was something to remember on that one. It was near the end of his hour that he slammed into point far ahead and was a picture to deeply etch itself into one’s memory. His tail skyward, he seemed to be reaching his head higher than his tail, and in that position he remained until sent on. There was some fuming among some of the handlers whose dogs were left out, that a dog with only one find should be called back, but these judges were not office clerks with an adding machine to total the number of contacts, but lovers of a class dog who gave a good one his deserved chance, and the good one took full advantage of the chance, and proved them right.

On Monday afternoon, January 25, of the second week of the trial came a first-year all-age dog in a hurry, as it came about, in an excited hurry, to join these other greats in the inner sanctorum. He was Red Water Rex, who has been on the fringe of greatness since his puppy form, but who arrived here with a big splash. Scoring eleven finds, most of them brilliantly executed, at a time when noted dogs were finding bird locations almost impossible, this stellar performer arrogantly raced onto the scene and gave one of the most brilliant manifestations of bird dog class. It was a grand opera performance and received the plaudits of all who saw it, and put his name on every tongue.

This was no mediocre dog. Everything he did, he did spectacularly, urgently. There were times when he stood barely able to restrain from charging in, it appeared, he never but once moved his feet until touched by Hoyle Eaton, and this time Eaton had shot leaves out of a tree that fell to the ground, then stopped to pick up his hat when nearly to the dog, that Rex took half a step toward his friend to meet him before being taken by the collar. There were times when he yipped impatiently for Eaton to hurry up and get up the birds he knew were there.  

Never did a dog point more thrillingly, with a higher head and tail. His style is the very latest 1965 edition. He went to his birds boldly, confidently, some even charged recklessly. There are those detractors who said that he walked into birds. He never did it. Only one bevy jumped before he was stopped completely still, and that one was still several feet away. We grant that he probably should have stopped before he did on the one on the hill. He was in pointing position several times, cautiously stalking the wafting body scent in the wind on a hill on what, apparently, was running birds. Never once did Eaton caution the dog. Everything he did around game, he did on his own. “I feel that he will learn better that way,” said the Boonevill, Miss., professional.

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