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Strideaway Podcasts ~ 2008 – 2024

Podcasts 1 – 4 are of poor quality. The posts are still of some interest to our audience so remain available:

Podcast 1:  Intelligence in Bird Dogs, Steve Groy

Podcast 2:  30 Years of Grouse Trials ~ A Perspective, Scott Chaffee

Podcast 3:  The Importance of Females in a Breeding Program, Jerry Kolter

Podcast 4:  Maine & New Brunswick Field Trials ~ A Perspective, Dr. Warren Sims

* * * * *

Podcast 5:  Judging Endurance Grouse Dogs, Fred Rayl 

Podcast 6:  IASM (I Am Sold Myself), John Rex Gates

Podcast 7:  Whippoorwill’s National Field Trial Champions, Dr. Jack Huffman

Podcast 8:  Interview with Billy Morton and Hoyle Eaton, Barbara Teare…coming soon

Podcast 9:  With the National Championship In Mind, Sean Derrig

Podcast 10:  Reflections on Past National Championships, Nathan Cottrell  

Podcast 11:  The Definition of the All-Age Dog, John Russell

Podcast 12:  Developing Puppies, Ike Todd

Podcast 13:  Interview with Scout Nick Thompson

Podcast 14:  David Grubb on Grouse Dogs  

Podcast 15:  Silverwood, Robin Gates

Podcast 15:  Joe Shadow, Robin Gates

Podcast 16:  Shady Hills Billy, Marc Forman  

Podcast 17:  Preparing Dogs to Compete in the National Championship, Larry Huffman

Podcast 18: Judging the National Championship, Dr. Dorwin Hawthorn 

Podcast 19:  Preparing Dogs to Compete in the National Championship, Rich Robertson

Podcast 20: Preparing Dogs to Compete in the National Championship, Randy Anderson

Podcast 21:  Preparing Dogs to Compete in the National Championship, Robin Gates

Podcast 22:  Interview with Tim Moore

Podcast 23:  The Canadian Prairies with Freddie Epp, Mike Crouse

Podcast 24:  Achieving a Performance Edge, Dr. James Cook
(2014 Purina Sporting Dog Summit)

Podcast 25:  Hard Driving Bev: Interview with Joe McCarl, Part Two, 1, 2

Podcast 26:  Efficient Gait and Synchronized Stride, Dr. Arleigh Reynolds
(2014 Purina Sporting Dog Summit)

Podcast 27:  Tomoka, Sherry Ray Ebert 

Podcast 28:  All-Age Scouting, Mazie Davis

Podcast 29:  Recognition for Scouts, Lee Phillips

Podcast 30:  Interview with Jerry Kolter

Podcast 31:  Interview with Butch Houston

Podcast 32:  Interview with Jamie Daniels

Podcast 33: Developing Field Trial Bird Dogs with Jamie Daniels

* * * * *

Tall Tails Podcast 1:  Labatt Blue, Colvin Davis, John Rex Gates

* * * * *

YFTA Podcast 1:  Our First Podcast!

YFTA Podcast 2:  Sedgefields FTC Youth Handlers

YFTA Podcast 3: Ask the Pros ~ Relocations



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Strideaway is an online publication founded in 2008. We are dedicated to promoting the great sport of American pointing dog field trials, in particular American Field sanctioned trials for pointers and setters. Our objective is to present the voices and ideas of experienced trainers, handlers, breeders and other knowledgeable participants and enthusiasts from the past to the present — amateurs and professionals alike. Whether All-Age or Shooting Dog, Horseback or Walking Trials, we place particular emphasis on wild bird field trials and the dogs that compete in them. We present richly illustrated articles and stories, podcast interviews and other types of media on a regular basis with the hope of providing an ever expanding, searchable archive of information relevant to pointing dog field trials.Read article

This website is dedicated to our ever faithful friend, Bill Allen who passed away peacefully and surrounded by his loving family on January 25, 2022 at the age of 96. We will miss him but he left us the greatest of gifts, his wonderful writings in a book we published for the 3rd time in 2021: The Unforgettables and Other True Fables.

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