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Manitoba Championship

2014 Broomhill Trials ~ Drawing

…thanks to Chris Carnahan for providing the drawing.

2010 Manitoba Ch

Manitoba Championship, Sept 8, 2014

1a Chinquapin Speck – Gates
1b Touch’s Crystal Sand – Anderson

2a Big Sky Pete – Gates
2b Fireline – McLean

3a Sanderson’s Buckshot – Anderson
3b Lester’s Shutout – Gates

4a White Feather – Anderson
4b House’s Buckwheat Hawk – McLean

5a Erin’s Muddy River – Gates
5b Lester’s Skywatch – McLean

6a Lester’s Jacked Up – Gates
6b White Flyer – Anderson

7a Rester’s Cajun Special – Gates
7b Shadow’s Powder Bud – Anderson

8a Shadow Oak Bo – Gates
8b Whippoorwill Skin It – McLean

9a Touch’s Prairie Storm – Gates
9b Touch’s Blackout – Anderson

10a Touch’s Adams County – Anderson
10b Coldwater Hammer – McLean

11a Three Rivers – Gates
11b Lester’s Jazz Man – Anderson

12a Shadow’s Full Throttle – Gates
12b Miller’s Happy Jack – Anderson

13a White Dollar – Anderson
13b Law N Order – Gates

14a Touch’s Game Point – McLean
14b Shadow’s Redemption – Gates

15a Andretii – Gates
15b SF Strongwind – Smith

16a Phillips Field Line – Anderson
16b Shadow Oak Doc – Gates

John S. Gates Memorial Open Derby

1a Betty Broomhill – Gates
1b Tangled Sheets – Anderson

2a SF Bandwagon – Smith
2b Kinsley’s Special – Anderson

3a SF Tattoo – Smith
3b Broomhill Boogie – Davis

4a SF Sidepocket – Smith
4b Moonshine on Blackice – Gates

5a SF Trademark – Smith
5b Outshyne – Anderson

6a Panther Creek Wildthing – Gates
6b Valiant – Anderson

7a Nonami Si – McLean
7b Broomhill Smokin Gun – Davis

8a Harvesttime – McLean
8b Init To Winit – Anderson

9a Stake Your Claim – Anderson

Broomhill Open All-Age Classic

1a Touch’s Game Point – McLean
1b Law N Order – Gates

2a White Dollar – Anderson
2b Shadow’s Redemption – Gates

3a Three Rivers – Gates
3b Miller’s Happy Jack – Anderson

4a Shadow’s Full Throttle – Gates
4b Lester’s Jazz Man – Anderson

5a Coldwater Hammer – McLean
5b Touch’s Blackout – Anderson

6a Touch’s Prairie Storm – Gates
6b Touch’s Adams County – Anderson

7a Shadow Oak Bo – Gates
7b Whippoorwill Skin It – McLean

8a Erin’s Muddy River – Gates
8b White Feather – Anderson

9a Lester’s Skywatch – McLean
9b White Flyer – Anderson

10a Lester’s Jacked Up – Gates
10b House’s Buckwheat Hawk – McLean

11a Big Sky Pete – Gates
11b Sanderson’s Buckshot – Anderson

12a Fireline – McLean
12b Touch’s Crystal Sand – Anderson

13a Chinquapin Speck – Gates
13b Shadow’s Powder Bud – Anderson

14a Lester’s Shutout – Gates
14b Phillips Field Line – Anderson

15a Andretti – Gates
15b SF Strongwind – Smith

16a Shadow Oak Doc – Gates

Broomhill Open Derby

1a Betty Broomhill – Gates
1b Tangled Sheets – Anderson

2a Broomhill Smokin Gun – Davis
2b Kinsley’s Special – Anderson

3a Moonshine on Blackice – Gates
3b Outshyne – Anderson

4a Nonami Si – McLean
4b Panther Creek Wildthing – Gates

5a Valiant – Anderson
5b SF Bandwagon – Smith

6a SF Tattoo – Smith
6b Broomhill Boogie – Davis

7a Harvesttime – McLean
7b SF Sidepocket – Smith

8a SF Trademark – Smith
8b Stake Your Claim – Anderson

9a Init to Winit – Anderson




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