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Interview with Tim Moore

Tim Moore’s field trial success with his multiple repeat breedings of his Silverwood granddaughter, Magic Carpet to Champion Elhew Fibber McGee has many interesting aspects…not all that we had time to explore.

Tim attributes much of his success with the good fortune to have been born, raised and to be living in southwest Georgia — the heart of quail plantation country where quail hunting is a birthright. If your interest is in field trials, there is no better place.

Being in the right place at the right time, it seemed at every turn, when Tim needed a little luck, something came along. He refers to his activities with bird dogs in the plural and acknowledges the many people who have played a part in his and their success. His mentors were many, his advice came from those in the know…Bubba Moreland, his good friends Tommy Mock (who introduced Tim to Mr. Wehle), Larry Moon, Fred Rowan as well as those who, to this day, are an integral part of his dogs’ development and achievements — Hall of Famer, Harold Ray, professional trainer/handler Doug Ray and his wife and scout, Lea.

Last summer while on the Canadian prairies, I talked with Robin Gates about his great Hall of Fame Champion Silverwood. In the interview Robin stated that Silverwood carried on mostly through his daughters and granddaughters. Here is a perfect example. Delving deeper into the story, it occurred to me that nearly twelve years after Robert Wehle’s passing, this was a perfect place to begin looking at the legacy of Elhew pointers. (More of that to come in the weeks ahead.)

I asked Tim what he thought the greatest contribution Mr. Wehle’s strain has made on today’s field trial pointers. His answer concurs with my own thinking and that is “intelligence.”

Though Bob Wehle did not live to see the many successful field trial champions sired by one of the last great dogs he bred, Elhew Fibber McGee, he had a pretty good hunch.

Thanks to Tim for taking the time to tell me about his dogs and how he got his start with them. We didn’t have much time…just the lunch break between braces after which Tim saddled up and I headed down to Dixie.

Listen to the interview: SA Podcast22_Tim Moore

See also: Silverwood ~ Interview with Robin Gates

Tim Moore_Fibber McGee
Ch. Elhew Fibber McGee

Elhew Fibber McGee_Pedigree

HOF Ch. Silverwood, grandsire to Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet_Pedigree

Tim Moore_Pat
Ch. Bridges Lake Pat (all but one of her championship wins came
on grounds she had ever run on)

Tim Moore_Mudslinger
Tim Moore with Ch. Fibber’s Mudslinger (right)

Tim Moore_Jesse_Linda
Ch. Hardup Road Jessie and Ch. My Mustang Sally with Tim Moore.

Tim Moore_Mustang Sally_Gunner
Winners of the 2009 Gulf Coast OSD Championship: Ch. Elhew Gunner on the right
with Doug Ray and R-U Ch. My Mustang Sally with Tim Moore. Both dogs were
sired by Elhew Fibber McGee.

Tim Moore_Boss2
Doug and Lea Ray with Ch. Cassique’s Boss during the 2011 Alabama OSD
Championship, Sedgefield Plantation, Union Springs, AL.

Tim Moore_Boss
Doug Ray going in for the flush for Ch. Cassique’s Boss.

Tim Moore_Blue Ridge
2012 Winner of the National Amateur Free-for-All, Ch. Cassique’s
Blue Ridge with Tim Moore and owner/handler Ray Pinson.

Tim Moore_Sedge Surfer_G Force
2013 Southeastern OSD Championship winners: Ch. Sedge Surfer with Harold Johnson
and R-U: Ch. Elhew G Force with Tim Moore. The dogs are from two different breedings
of Elhew Fibber McGee x Magic Carpet. Doug Ray handled both dogs to their wins.

Tim Moore_Puppies




Running Dog


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