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Manitoba Championship

Manitoba Championship Timeline

Manitoba Ch Timeline_1
The old Manitoba Field Trial Club pioneered prairie chicken trials in Canada and flourished for half a century. The first Manitoba Chicken Championship was held in Carman, Manitoba, about 53 miles southwest of Winnipeg and 165 miles east of its present location in Broomhill. The first Manitoba Chicken Championship was won by pointer male Senator P owned and handled by J. W. Flynn. Seven setters and five pointers competed for the first crown. Thirty-three renewals were held in various location in Manitoba as well as in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan (1922 – 1930) with an interruption of seven years around World War I (1913 – 1918). The last Manitoba Chicken Championship was won in 1941 by Wayside Pat M, pointer dog owned by Roy Weir and handled by Jett Crawford. The location was Melita, Manitoba, 12 miles from Broomhill.

In 2005, the championship was re-established after a 64-year absence as the Manitoba Championship. The first renewal was won by pointer female Ardrigh Justina owned by Dave Breslin and handled by Colvin Davis. The Manitoba Championship, hosted by the Broomhill Field Trial Association, celebrates the 10th anniversary of its renewal in 2014.

Manitoba Championship Timeline

Winners of the Manitoba Chicken Championship
1902: Senator P
1903: Mohawk II
1904: Alford’s John
1905: Pioneer
1906: Manitoba Mike
1907: Sir Royal Spot
1908: Tonopaugh
1909: Tony Mooring
1910: Winnipeg
1911: Winnipeg
1912: Benstone
1919: Mary Montrose
1920: Jersey Prince
1921: Becky Broom Hill
1922: Doughboy
1923: Comanche Rap
1924: Becky Broom Hill
1925: Major Kid
1926: Mack Pritchette
1927: Muscle Shoals’ Jake
1928: Mack Pritchette
1929: Mary Blue
1930: Norias Roy
1931: Yankee Doodle Jack
1932: Ichaway
1933: Tap Stick
1934: Buddy D
1935: Chimes Mississippi Jack
1936: Smokey Ginger
1937: King Kong
1938: Rexson’s Viking
1939: Island Park Boy
1940: Dr. Sam’s Johnnie
1941: Wayside Pat M

Winners of the Manitoba Championship
2005: Ardrigh Justina
2006: Lester’s Absolute
2007: Flatwood Silver
2008: Distant Shadow
2009: Patriote
2010: Patriote
2011: Chinquapin Speck
2012: Phillips Time Line
2013: Three Rivers

MC_Mohawk II
1903 Winner: Mohawk II

MC_Alford’s John
1904 Winner: Alford’s John

MC_Muscle Shoals’ Jake
1927 Winner: Muscle Shoals’ Jake

MC_Smokey Ginger
1936 Winner: Smokey Ginger

MC_Ardrigh Justina
2005 Winner: Ardrigh Justina




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