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Mazie Davis, Podcast, Scouting

Interview with Mazie Davis on Scouting

Mazie and Rooster. Scouting for Colvin in the 2010 Manitoba Championship

Mazie Davis began scouting for her husband, Colvin in the early 1980s when he made his return to field trial competition. He had spent the previous eight years farming, though he and Mazie always had a few dogs for training. Prior to that Colvin competed with shooting dogs. One funny story Mazie told me was about Bill Allen’s dog Blue Monday. The dog was so heavily marked and dark in color, that he wore a white t-shirt so he could be seen. Yes, even in competition!

The first field trial Mazie remembers winning, scouting for Colvin, was the US Championship at Jimmy Hinton’s Sedgefield. Around that time, friend and client, Mr. Tobe Stallings also convinced Mazie to report her first field trial. She went on to become an official and sought after reporter for the American Field.

Here is the interview I did with Mazie on how she began her scouting career:

The championships she and Colvin won and the dogs she scouted for him are too numerous to list but here are a few:

National Free-For-All Championship:
Sunbrowned Honey
Pleasant Run Dot
Quicksilver Gold
White Powder Pete

Southern Championship:
Quicksilver Pink
White Powder Pete

Quail Championship Invitational:
Lester’s Absolute

Dominion Chicken Championship:
Pink Lightning
Pink Ice
Clowers Rainmaker
Lester’s Absolute

Saskatchewan Chicken Championship:
Quicksilver Pink
The Farm Boy
Lester’s Absolute

Border International Chicken Championship:
Condo’s Rebel
Farm Hand
Freddie Fender

All-America Prairie Championship:
Quicksilver Pink

Manitoba Championship:
Ard Righ Justina
Lester’s Absolute
Phillips Time Line

They also won the Alabama Championship, Missouri Championship, Southland Championship, Oklahoma Championship, and Runner-Up at the Continental Championship. (Larry Huffman scouted Quicksilver Pink for her 1991 National Championship win.) Mazie still scouts for Colvin at the few trials in Canada where he continues to compete. She also trains dogs, competes in and has won with several derbies and has judged throughout the US. She and Colvin stay busy throughout the fall and winter operating their successful Davis Quail Hunts in Alabama.

Man Rand
Friend and mentor, Man Rand. Let’s Not Forget 

David Johnson
David Johnson scouting at the 2014 Florida Open All-Age Championship.

1992 Sask Chicken Ch_Quicksilver Pink
1992 Saskatchewan Chicken Championship win with Quicksilver Pink.

2006 Quail Ch Inv_Rip
The 2006 Quail Championship Invitational. This was the second time winning for
Lester’s Absolute. On two other occasions he was Runner-Up.

2006 Southern Ch Win_Pete
White Powder Pete winning the 2006 Southern Championship.

Colvin, Mazie and Lester’s Absolute, Broomhill, Manitoba, 2007.

2010 Manitoba Championship with White Powder Pete.

Scouting for Phillips Time Line in the scorching heat, 2011 Manitoba Championship.

Breakaway of the 2011 Pelican Open All-Age with Phillips Time Line.

2011 Pelican Derby judging with Joe
Judging the 2011 Pelican Derby with Joe McCarl.

Mazie_2012 NC
Scouting for Patriote in the 2012 National Championship.



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